Maui Weddings — Make Your Dream Wedding a reality

Many couples dream of a Maui wedding, but very few actually make it a reality. Most people think it will be to difficult to plan, too costly, and just too much work. Maui wedding coordinators However, if you do a little research, you will find out that Maui weddings can be easy to organize and reasonably affordable, not to mention amazing. Maui weddings are truly a once in a lifetime, spectacular experience.

When it comes to planning for a Maui wedding, there are a number of great hotels and locations to hold case. If you are simply buying a low key wedding, you can find a celebrant and grow married virtually anywhere. If intend a large, organized affair then you should think about contracting one of the many wedding planning services in Maui. Being married planning service will help in planning every part of your wedding from the ceremony to the reception and everything in between.

The Maui King Hotel, on Maui’s southwestern shoreline of Makena, is one of the top spots for Maui weddings. This hotel focuses on weddings, so they really every resource to make it perfect. The hotel staff may even help organize your wedding video, photography, limo hire, cake, reception, and more. It gives distinctive locations to switch vows, all of which are beautiful. Probably the most popular outdoor options will include a courtyard wedding, a boat wedding, or even a beautiful koi water-feature wedding. If you would like an indoor location, than 5200 sq foot King Ballroom is a perfect spot, capable of holding up to 500 people. The ballroom also tends to make a great spot to hold a reception for Maui weddings.

A beach wedding in Maui is what many envision when they make Maui wedding plans. Since Maui has so many fantastic shorelines, this is not surprising. The question is, which beach should you? Most Maui weddings held on the beach take place in western side Maui on the sands of Ka’anapali, Kahana, Kapalua, Napili, and Lahaina.

South Maui shorelines also make for great wedding spots, especially the shorelines of Wailea, Kihei, Makena, and Ma’alaea. South Maui also will get less rain than western side Maui, so the chance of a wet wedding is reduced. If a private beach was more of what you had in mind, you might want to consider Molokai Island. Molokai is considered by many to be the premier wedding destination in all of Hawaii because it is so private. Whichever location you choose, it will surely be an wonderful experience as all Maui weddings are!

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