Toner Cartridge Recycling Guide

Do you have a bunch of used printer toner cartridges sitting around? Don’t throw them in the garbage… delete them! Printer toner cartridge these recycling is not only good for the surroundings, epson cartridge recycling it can occasionally earn a few dollars for you.

Why delete printer cartridges?

Over 13 printer cartridges are removed in an American garbage can every second, totaling around 375 million each year.
The parts used in printer cartridges are made from an engineering grade polymer bonded that takes more than 10 centuries (that’s 1000 years! ) to rot.
25 million printer cartridges go to land fills each month. The recovery, recycle and these recycling of all these empty printer toner cartridges helps you to save tax dollars since we all pay taxes for landfills through waste management costs.
Many cartridge companies now re-use almost completely of old cartridges to produce new ones. It takes about 80 percent less energy to remanufacture the cartridge plastic than to produce it from new materials. Also, remanufactured laser cartridges use about half the amount of oil needed to make new cartridges. The process also saves over 38, 000 tons of plastic and metal from landfills.
How to delete printer cartridges?
Unfortunately, only OEM cartridges are accepted in most paying these recycling programs. An OEM cartridge hasn’t been recycled before and bears the name of the printer brand like Brother, Cannon, HP, Lexmark etc. Cartridges that have variations of the words “remanufactured”, “compatible with”, “replaces… inch or “manufactured from new and used parts” printed on the cartridge will not be accepted by most programs.

Cartridge these recycling is good for organizations trying to increase funds for a specific cause or for businesses and home owners trying to not spend as much on printer cartridges. The compensation you get for a printer cartridge varies and is dependent upon factors such as: cartridge type, printer brand, cartridge model, amount of returned cartridges, these recycling company.

Where to return your printer cartridges

Companies offering printer cartridges these recycling programs can provide easy to follow instructions on what to delete your cartridges. Most these recycling companies will also offer you pre-paid shipping and free packaging material — check the individual programs since options may vary. If you intend to delete on a regular basis and can offer larger quantities of printer cartridges you will probably get free pick-up by the these recycling company.
All major printer manufacturers have their own these recycling program. See the instructions that sported your cartridge package to learn how to submit your old cartridge for these recycling. Links to respective printer manufacturers these recycling program can be found below:
Konica Minolta
Host a Fundraiser
There are many organizations that support inkjet cartridge collection fundraisers, such as:

CURE These recycling donates the funds raised by cartridge collection to invest in cancer research.
Funding Manufacturing plant will help you raise money for your school or organization when you collect printer cartridges.

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